J-High struggles against Beatrice

Thursday January 25th, Fairbury Junior High boys faced off against Beatrice. Fairbury’s 8th grade A team lost, 17-29. Scoring for the Jeffs was both Jacob Martin and Ethan Smith ’22 with five points, Zane Grizzle ’22 with four, Braden Suey ’22 with two and Corbin Slater ’22 with one point. The Jeffs were down 5-20 at halftime the boys battled back and only allowed nine points in the second half from their opponents.

“Definitely not our best performance, on both ends of the ball. We weren’t doing the little things, like attacking or looking to shoot,” Zane Grizzle ’22 said. “Our hustle was there though.”

The 8th grade B team lost 38-9. Scoring was Brigham Sheetz and Nehemiah Cervantes both ’22 and both with three points, Rorik Blatny ’22 with two and Chase Dragoo with 1 point.

The 7th grade A team lost, 52-21. Jax Biehl ’23 had ten points for the Jeffs, Brendon Runge ’23 had four, Jackson Martin ’23 had three and Beckett Chappell ’23 had four points. The 7th grade B team lost a closer one, 44-37. In that game Biehl had 23 points, Runge had eight, Martin had two, Alekz Hunt ’23 had two, and both Chappell and Brody Branson had one point.