2018 Winter Formal was one for the books

Every Fairbury High School dance has its highs and lows, and the 2018 Winter Formal was no exception.

Coronation started out the night, during which seniors Jacob Johnson and Marah Shumard were crowned King and Queen. Following pictures, Student Council members attempted to begin music and were faced with some technical difficulties.

The sound system wasn’t projecting the music loud enough, causing the words of the songs to be barely audible. This went on for over 10 minutes, creating quite an uproar from the students in attendance.


Students danced the night away to popular group dances. Macy Ohlde ’18 and Justin Peterson ’17 get down to “The Cupid Shuffle.” Photo by: Evie Schwab

Student Council sponsor Maureen Beck saved the day with a portable amplifier with Bluetooth capabilities. The music steadily improved and the dancing commenced.

“Well, I feel like every year we always have some technical difficulties with our equipment. However, this year the technical difficulties took longer than previous years,” StuCo President Macy Ohlde ’18 said. “Thankfully Ms. Beck went and got a new box to play music through. After that, the music wasn’t a problem anymore and the dance went smoothly.”

A Fairbury High School dance is not complete without a little friendly competition. The highlights of the 2018 Winter Formal dance were not one, but two dance battles.


Senior Randy Watts showcases his dance talent with an extensive floor routine. Watts is often the main attraction at FHS dances. Photo by: Evie Schwab

Senior Randy Watts is famous at FHS for his legendary dance moves, which include break dancing and hand tricks. The first battle of the night was between Watts and Senior Tregan Moody. The second battle was Watts versus sophomore Isaac Johnson, with Isaiah Weers ’19 and Samuel Abdias Monterroso-Perez ’20 also stepping in to challenge.

“The 2K18 Winter Formal was really lit. It was a pretty rough start with the DJ equipment not cooperating, but it only got better,” Weers said. “Between showing off my dance moves and Randy’s dance battles, it was a pretty fun night.”

In both cases, there was no clear winner but the crowd seemed to favor Watts. Every student in attendance gathered around the competitors and cheered rowdily.

All in all, the 2018 Winter Formal was a success. Students were pleased with the music, enjoyed mingling, and danced their hearts out.

“Besides the technical difficulties, the dance was great! We had great attendance and I thought a lot of people were dancing throughout the night,” Ohlde said.