Health and life science students talk about personal values

The 8th grades in the health and life science class made shields with personal values and their beliefs on them. There were some shields with religion things on  them like crosses and some had phones on there because that is what they like and they use in their everyday lives.

Everyones shields looked different. They had varying shapes and some had flowers. They could put whatever they wanted on them for media and religion. They all presented them and to start out they had to state their name and where they live then they went on about what was on their shield.


Rorik Blatny ’22 presenting to the class about what he believes in and what he likes to do such as going hunting with his dad. Photo by: Kenna Troxel

“I put things on my shield like my phone because I use that in my everyday life and  basketball because I grew up watching that and religion because that is important to me,” Corbin Slater ’22.