Speech Team competes at home invite

The Fairbury speech team competed last Saturday, January 14 at their home invite. They had people from Fairbury, Superior, Sandy creek, Deshler, Harvard, Thayer central, Diller Odell, Bruning Davenport come to compete.



Nichole Harris ’19 practices for her extemporaneous speech. She got 4th place at the Fairbury Meet. Photo by: P. Livingston

“I think we did a very good job at the meet. Students medaled and competed against some pretty good competition. Sandy Creek and Superior are right about our level, and we beat them in several categories,” Speech Coach Aaron Leibel said. “Thayer Central still has more experience on us and are solid, but we competed well against them, and beat them in a few categories. This is a big step for our program moving forward.”


Michaela Buchli ’19 is congratulated by Britney Scheetz ’18 on receiving her medal for 4th place in Informative Speaking. Photo by: P. Livingston

“I think it (being at home) definitely helped the newer students in being more comfortable presenting the first time,” Leibel said. “I think it also helped our more veteran performers be able to present on their home turf in front of their peers and other adults. Seeing students in this light I think is a huge deal to our school.”


The Fairbury Speech team poses together at the end of a good day at their home meet. Photo by: P. Livingston

The Jeffs did a good job at the meet. For the persuasive category, Jayden Rasmussen ’21 got 3rd place and Jordan Ruhnke ’18 got 4th place. In serious prose, Taylea Mills ’19 got 1st place, Britney Scheetz ’18 got 5th place, and Hailie Nicholson got 12th. For Poetry, Scheetz got 3rd and Darby Paulsen ’20 got 5th. In Humorous, Lauren Patton ’20 got 2nd and Shelby Klaumann ’21 got 6th. For Informative, Jayson Klaumann ’19 got 1st and Michaela Buchli ’19 got 4th. In Extemporaneous, Nichole Harris ’19 got 4th place. In Entertainment, Dakota Gladson ’19 got 3rd.

“I was really proud of myself,” Taylea Mills said. “I thought I did a great job. It was my first meet without a book so I was really happy with myself.”