Fairbury hosts speech meet

On Saturday, January 13 Fairbury will be hosting their first speech meet ever. There’s a lot of work that will go into putting on the event.

“The first year is always the hardest,” said Speech Coach Aaron Leibel. “A lot of my tasks can be conquered by asking others and having that be “their job” in a way. I also set up a software program that most speech teams use to tabulate and run their meet in order to organize events. Setting up Speechwire was one of the best decisions I made because it does a lot of the work for you. However, it takes an extraordinary amount of time to set up the tournament how you want it.”

There will be a total of ten teams at the meet including Fairbury. The other nine teams are Bruning-Davenport, Diller-Odell, Deshler, Exeter-Milligan, Harvard, Meridian, Sandy Creek, Superior, and Thayer Central.

“I asked teachers for permission to use their room, and I am grateful they were so flexible and accommodating to this,” said Coach Leibel. “There would be no meet if we couldn’t use their rooms. Most of the hard work for setting up the meet is done, so at this point it is coming down to small details, and getting team and judge packets ready for everyone. I also plan on putting up signs on Friday to help designate what category of the speech is in each room. ”

The Fairbury Speech Team is very excited to be hosting their first meet ever. They have made goals to try to make it go as well as it can.”

“The goals for the meet is to run the meet as close to on time as possible, and fix any glitches that come up quickly and efficiently,” said Coach Leibel “Some things always come up, but should be correctable. However my biggest goal is to advertise that speech is an activity that anybody can do. I wanted to host this meet in January to show Fairbury students, faculty, and parents what speech is. It consists of so many elements and moving parts, it’s hard to just explain to somebody. So I thought, what if I can bring it to Fairbury? Then I could just show people what speech is. ”

“I’m super excited we’re finally hosting a meet, it’s going to be like having the home field advantage,” said Speech Member Michaela Buchli ’19. “My favorite part of speech is probably my teammates. They’re so supportive and they always build me up and make me happy in the early mornings.”



Michaela Buchli ’19 goes over her Speech at the Adams Central Meet. “I’m super excited we’re having our first home meet, it’ll be like having the home field advantage,” said Michaela Buchli ’19. Photo Credits: Nichole Harris


Lauren Patton ’20 gives her speech at the Adam Central Meet. This was the first meet of the Speech season. Photo credits: Nichole Harris