Kicking off the new year with Jeff Pride Day

The first day back to school was a little different than normal. The day was called “Jeff Pride day” where the kids got split into different groups with different teachers and did actives in between speakers. The first game that was for the groups was things that rock and you had to say if you liked the social media app or if you did not and you had a discussion about it. Different actives that they had set up was play-doh in the media center and other technology things that kids could learn about, make play with. In the Tech Playground in the gym they had different drones you could play around with. Also they had old computers that students could take apart and put together. They had different helpers that could help the students. They could ask questions to and learn some information that they wanted to know.

The Ralston superintendent Mark Adler and his wife Joni came to talk to the students about how cyberbullying and sexting could cause a student their life. They talked about their personal experience with their son Reid. Then the school lawyer, Bobby Truhe, warned the student body about the trouble that they could potentially get into with the stuff that they post on social media. The last speaker for the day was Kevin Honeycutt. He applied the students with knowledge about to use different websites to make music and different products. He showed different apps that could help the students if they wanted to learn how to play the guitar and drums.

“I thought the speakers from Ralston were really good, they made it personal and showed the aftermath of suicide,” RJ Suey ’19 said.


A group of students learn about a gaming system what it does and how it works from David Camara one of the technology coordinator in the Tech Playground. Photo by: Tayler Shellhase