Foods and Nutrition students evaluate Pizza Huts’ salad bar

On Wednesday, December 20 Mrs. Tammi Mans’ Foods and Nutrition class took a class trip to Pizza Hut. Mrs.Mans said that as a part of their end of semester activity, students break up into groups and teach an assigned chapter to the class using technology. As one of the requirements each group must incorporate a food lab and/or a student activity.

Izze Pizza Hut for FCS

Brock Beed ’20 closely examines the salad bar and fills out an evaluation worksheet. Photo contributed by: Izze Schwab

This year, the salads chapter decided they wanted to do a salad bar evaluation at the local Pizza Hut as part of their food lab/student activity.

Mrs.Mans was very happy with the turnout of the visit. She feels that Pizza Hut was well prepared and her students took the visit seriously. She believes that the students’ knowledge of the salads chapter was well reflected while visiting.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect because we’ve never done anything like this before,” Mrs. Mans said, “But I was very pleased with the turnout of our visit.”