Four organizations gather for food and fun

FCCLA, FBLA, FFA, and Skills gathered on Tuesday night for Christmas caroling, food, games, and to watch the movie Elf. Dinner, games, and the movie took place in the FCS classroom. Caroling was at 4, dinner was at 6:30, and games and movie to follow. The students involved in these organizations had the option to attend but most people that went had a great time.


The traditional game of musical chairs was won by sophomore Taylor Runge. Photo by: Evie Schwab

“It went really well! There was lots of good food and it was the best turnout I’ve seen since I’ve been in high school,” Jacob Johnson ’18 said.

“As sponsors we thought it was the highest attendance in several years. We had our traditional game of musical chairs in which I fed live on Facebook. We played many different board games, trivia games, and card games. We ate pizza and each of the organization’s officers brought a snack to share. We do this to promote that even though you have to choose an organization, we’re all about technical trades and vocational skills and we all support each other,” FCCLA sponsor, Tammi Mans said.