Students visit Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum

On December 13, Mr. Suey’s block 1/2 and 7/8 American History classes went to the SAC (Strategic Air Command) & Aerospace Museum in Ashland, NE.

“Mr. Suey just decided that he wanted to go back after 5 years,” Alexis Tracy ’19 said. “It was actually pretty cool and way bigger than I thought it would be.”


Students pose at the SAC museum after a fun day full of activities. Photo By: Tayler Shellhase.

The students saw a variety of exhibits that showed different planes from different wars and events in history, exhibits about space, and other exhibits.

They even had a flight simulation that students could go into. “You got into these blue pod things that looked like the front of a roller coaster and then they strapped you in like a roller coaster and shut the door,” Tracy said.

This experience was fun for all the students and a great learning experience.