Singing in the holidays at the Winter Concert

Fairbury High School held their annual Winter Concert yesterday in the BFAC. All of the bands and choirs performed. Crimson Elite also made their debut. Projects by art students were displayed in the commons for people to see.

“I thought the concert went pretty well,”said Vocal Music Instructor Mr. Fitzgerald. “I have a ton of ideas to enhance performances and my goal is for students to stay motivated. All the choirs will be in Copacabana next, but the Crimson Elite is traveling to various events to sing this month and early next semester.”

“The concert went very well,”said Band Instructor Ms. Beck. “The students were prepared and there was a good audience. The one thing I think we could improve on is stage transitioning. I like to keep the concert moving so we might try to figure out a different set up for that. We will perform next at Copacabana on March 17. Most of the second semester will be spent working on pep band and getting ready for District Music.”


“There were a few rough spots, but we got through them so I think the concert was pretty good,” said Leah Mach ’21.”I think the choir could make the blending sound more like one. The band could just use more people.”


Claire Shumard ’20, Britney Scheetz ’18, Leah Mach ’21, and Jaelle Johnson ’20 singing with Crimson Elite. This was the group’s debut performance. Photo by: Josephine Blatny

WinterConcerXrayMs. Beck directing the band as they play Christmas Carols. Their next performance will be at Copacabana. Photo by: Josephine Blatny