Cheerleaders jingle bell rock it at halftime


The cheerleaders perform a kick line during their Jingle Bell Rock dance in front of fans from Fairbury and Milford.                                              Photo by: Josephine Blatny


During the Boys’ Varsity game on Friday, Dec. 11, the cheerleaders performed a hip hop/pop dance during halftime. The dance was choreographed by Sandy Reikofski and performed by 11 out of the 13 cheerleaders.

The song was picked by the girls themselves. “Most of us girls wanted to do the dance to Jingle Bell Rock, however Sandy picked the remix of it. She also choreographed the whole dance by herself,” cheer captain, Rielee Achtemeier ’19 said.

The girls worked hard to get the dance learned well before Friday night’s performance. “We learned the whole thing in four practices. We had two Sunday practices for two hours each and then we practiced it twice during the week of,” Achtemeier said.