Ag class takes field trip to local vet clinics

Classes at FHS focus on not only learning inside of the classrooms, but outside.


Veterinarian Larry Winter talks to the students about what the occupation entails.  Photo courtesy of Thomas Dux.

For a new and creative way of looking at the occupations in the agriculture department, ag teacher Thomas Dux took his block 3/4 students to visit two rural vet clinics in town.

On December 5, they went to both the Countryside Vet Clinic and Fairbury Animal Clinic here in town.

“I just wanted to get the kids out to industry vet clinics in town so they could see what the typical everyday occurrence is. This way they get a glimpse into that career and if they want to continue it or not,” Dux said.

In the future, Dux plans on continuing the outing with his Ag Science and Technology crew.


A glimpse into Fairbury Animal Clinic’s large animal room. Photo courtesy of Thomas Dux.