Students learn how to put on siding

In construction class the have built FCS teacher Tammi Mans an attached garage. They started at the start of the school year and are now getting to start putting on siding. A couple of weeks ago they started to shingle the roof. The garage is coming along very nicely as the boys in the class work really hard to get it done.

Mr. Scott is very good at making sure the boys always use good protection as they are working.  Safety googles are very important when working with saws and hammering in nails. Not messing around when using tools is also important so the class is very productive.

“We will be putting up the rest of the siding and maybe trying to get the garage door on and doing some finishing touches,” Cayman DeBoer ’18 said.


Cayman DeBoer ’18 working to get the right measurements for a piece of  wood for the rafters in the garage. photo by: K.Troxel



Zach Holes ’18 sawing a piece of siding to go on the garage and Logan Slater ’18 holding the siding so that it does not move while being cut. photo by: K.Troxel