JV boys begin season against Lincoln Christian

JV Lincoln Christian NH 1

Dalton Petersen ’20 maneuvers around the court as he waits for a teammate to open up. Photo by: Nichole Harris.

On the first of December, the junior varsity boys team began the 2017-18 basketball season at home against Lincoln Christian. After a long battle, the Jeffs fell 63-34.

“We need to fight through adversity.” Jayson Klaumann ’19 said. “We were pretty close to Christian going into the fourth, but with not many people able to play, we got tired quickly, and Christian pulled away.”

Although the game didn’t end exactly like they wanted to, the team took it as a learning experience and now know what they need to do to get better for the rest of the season.

“It’s intense. It’s not easy.” Dylan Starr ’21 said. “You have to work your butt off.”

For some players, the game helped them transition from a junior high sport to a high school sport.

“High school games are a big step up from junior high.” Josh Robertson ’21 said. “It is a different level from what you are used to playing at. The competition is better and it requires a lot more of your time and effort.”

NH Lincoln Christian

Coach Mike Horky reviews game plans and strategies with his team before the game starts. Photo by: Nichole Harris

The boys aren’t letting this game be a preview for the rest of their season, but rather a starting point. After applying everything they learned from the Lincoln Christian game to their game against Fillmore Central the next day, they’d already improved enough to take home a win.

“With it being the first game of the season, it will of course be a little rough.” Klaumann said. “We learned to talk more on defense, which helped us substantially on Saturday against Fillmore.”

The Junior Varsity boys team will be in action next at Superior on December 5th, where they hope to continue learning and to keep improving their record.