Students apply their learning to hands-on classwork

On Tuesday, Mrs. Julie Petersen’s geometry class reviewed vocabulary from a previous lesson, along with learning new material.

“I talked about pop boxes with 12 cans and the two versions – one is more expensive because you are buying more cardboard (surface area), Mrs. Petersen said.

To benefit those “hands-on” learners, the class made Origami boxes to build a prism. Most students learn new material quicker and easier when there is something there for them to construct or do while learning.

“I usually learn more about anything when it’s hands-on and visual so it helped me learn the new material faster,” Cora DeBoer ’20 said.

Along with making Origami boxes, the class did the lesson from the book and learned three new formulas. Making the boxes got everyone in class involved and allowed students to get their hands on the material.