Spreading Christmas cheer throughout the band room

With the holiday season nearing the spread of Christmas cheer is in full swing throughout the halls at the high school. The semester is winding down and the kids are beginning to become anxious for classes to be out and break to be here.

The band students are particularly excited for Christmas this year.

“Christmas makes me feel like I’m halfway done with my senior year… I’m pretty excited about it.” Traislynn Nicholson ’18 said.


Spreading the Christmas cheer Devin Holliday ’19 and Trevin Arnold ’19 gather around the Christmas tree to sing Oh Christmas Tree. Photo by: Destini Warnke

Tommy Kroeker ’19 snuck away from band teacher Ms. Beck’s sight and found a miniature Christmas tree.

“I walked into Ms. Beck’s office and said ‘oh dang there’s a tree'” Kroeker said.

With excitement and delight he broke out the Christmas spirit and shared the cheer with the class.

“I needed to lighten the mood of the band room. Band was way too serious today.” Kroeker said.

Kroeker did just that. The Christmas tree gained the attention of a select few that


Tommy Kroeker ’19 sets Ms. Beck’s Christmas tree on top of the quads in between songs. Photo by: Destini Warnke

circled up and began to sing Oh Christmas Tree.

“I liked when he brought the tree out. It’s Christmas time. I felt very festive… We sang the song because it made us feel happy.” Trevin Arnold ’19 said.