StuCo puts on Turkey Olympics


Kennedy DeBoer ’20 participates in a game during the convo. Photo by: Paige Livingston

On Nov. 22, Student Council hosted their annual Thanksgiving tradition of having a convocation known as Turkey Olympics in the gym.

During this event, students and staff participate in festive activities varying from games to mock turkey calling.

One game included an obstacle course where randomly drawn students and teachers had to navigate their way around while being blindfolded.

“My favorite part was jumping on the pogo stick at the end while being blindfolded,” contestant Abigail Judd ’21 said.


Tori Likens ’19 tells the crowd a Thanksgiving-themed joked. Photo by: Emily Burkley

This is just another example of one in a dozen ways that the entire school is able to be involved in a positive and exciting way. “I thought it went very well and the students did an excellent job coming up with the games and executing them,” StuCo adviser Janet Beranek said.