Alumni return for student council show


Paul Mach ’17 jokes around with Jacob Johnson ’18 while finishing up one last StuCo show together. Photo by: Evie Schwab.

The StuCo show on Wednesday, November 22 had a couple of special guests. Paul Mach ’17 and Justin Peterson ’17 came back to be guest stars on the show. Last year, Mach was one of the hosts of the show alongside Jacob Johnson ’18. Peterson was the weatherman last year.

“I got a phone call that said they (Mach and Johnson) were working on the script together and they asked if it was okay if Paul made an appearance and I said I didn’t care,” Student Council Sponsor Janet Beranek said.


Justin Peterson ’17 shows his new school pride on the StuCo show as guest weatherman. Photo by: Evie Schwab. 

When Peterson showed up to read the weather one last time, it was a surprise. “I didn’t know Justin was coming until that morning which was fine,” Beranek said.

The reappearances of the two meant a lot to everyone involved. “It felt a lot different because of the people involved. I was surprised to see just how the school had changed and It meant a lot that they would ask me to come back,” Mach said. “I’m glad they liked having me.”