It’s a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for STC

On Wednesday, November 22, Darby Davidson’s School-to-Career class decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving episode and having a Thanksgiving of their own.

Thanksgiving STC AC

STC teacher Darby Davidson watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving the day before Thanksgiving break when she was in K-12th grade so she has brought that tradition to the classes she teaches now. By: Nichole Harris.

“Though this ‘feast’ of sorts certainly isn’t anything fancy, I think it is a fun way for our class to take a moment, sit back, and just enjoy each others’ presence,” Davidson said.

Students participated by bringing various snacks to mimic the Thanksgiving celebration in the episode. Joy Ondrak ’19 brought popcorn, Dalton Buxton ’19 brought Caprisuns, and Destiny Brown ’19 brought pretzels. Davidson put her own twist on the feast and brought Lifesavers for everyone. Toriann Likens ’19 completed the mock Thanksgiving by bringing two loaves of bread and an accompanying toaster.

“I feel like a lot of holidays are forgotten in school, so it was nice to celebrate this with teachers and classmates,” Likens said. “Plus I really liked browning bread with Hannah!”