Boys basketball prepares for a season to remember

With a team makeup of ten freshmen, four sophomores, four juniors, and three seniors, the boys’ basketball team is on track to have a season worth noting.


Zach Holes ’18 and Chance Amundson ’20 run a defensive drill in practice. Photo by: H. Knigge

Conditioning started on November 6, and practice offically began on November 13. Every drill they run and every skill they work on is designed to help them meet their full athletic potential. For conditioning, they did a variety of workouts, including scrimmages, shuffling drills, and a game of dodgeball versus the Jeffs wrestlers. For practice, a typical day consists of warm up stretches, various drills, offensive practice, and working on defensive techniques.

For the most part, these practices are lead by the seniors: Adam Wasserman, Cayman DeBoer, and Zach Holes. For them, they’re determined to set the bar high for the season, and then meet if not overcome those expectations. Setting goals for themselves and for their team serves as a great motivation for the year, and that motivation is what they believe will lead them to success.

“My personal goal is to just lead the best way I know how.” Holes said. “My team goal is to take one game at a time and to leave it on the court.”

Many players believe that to be successful, they first have to take a step back and look at what is necessary to succeed in the first place.

“I think you have to have a group of people who want to play the game and are willing to put in the work that comes with having success.” Isaac Robertson ’19 said. “I also think everyone should be disciplined on and off the court. It’s hard to move towards success in basketball and life without discipline.”

Even though they know the path ahead won’t be an easy one, the boys are ready to face whatever comes their way, and know that in the end they will find success in the 2017-18 season.

“Defining success can be a tricky thing, but I think we will be satisfied with where we end up if we stick to our gameplan and put ourselves in a position to be the best we can be.” Robertson said.