Jhigh girls’ basketball takes three from Crete

On Monday, November 13 the Junior high girls’ basketball teams took on the Crete Cardinals. There was an A and B game for both 7th and 8th grade.

The 8th-grade team got the win in both the A and B game. The Lady Jeffs outscored the Cardinals 43-38. Scoring 17 points and leading the Jeffs was Karly McCord ’21. Other big score contributors were Jami Mans ’21 and Alissa York ’21 both with 10 points.

“Everyone played their hearts out and others encouragement and positivity helped a lot,” McCord said.

In the B game, the Jeffs crushed the Cardinals 38-4. Leading scorers were Hannah Robertson ’21 with 15 points and Taleia Cervantes ’21 with 10 points.

In 7th grade competition, the B team lost 12-10 and the A team won 27-21.

The JHigh girls’ basketball team will be in action again on Tuesday, November 21 in Clay Center.