Veterans honored at convocation

On Monday, November 13, four veterans were given quilts of valor for their service in the United States Military. The four veterans that were honored were James Barber, Roscoe Beachler, Mark Schmidt, and Robert Yantz.


Brylee Yantz ’21 gives her grandfather Robert Yantz a hug as he receives his Quilt of Valor. Photo by: Josephine Blatny

The convocation started with principal Nick Kroon leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Students from history teacher Mick Suey’s American history class presented information about the history of war in our country.

“First I wanted a historic perspective of what Veteran’s Day was and how it came about,” Suey said. “I wanted to include my students in the presentation of it as well as the changing of guards and the pictures.”

After the presentation, Barb Schmidt lead the presentation of the quilts of valor. The veterans walked up to the stage while the song from their branch of the military was playing.  A short summary of their service and what they did after was read and then each was wrapped in the quilt.

“I was approached by the Quilts of Valor (and was asked) if we would include them in the presentation and of course I was on board with that,” Suey said.