Heartfelt production traditions through the generations

This year FHS presented the musical The Little Mermaid on Saturday, November eleventh and Sunday. the twelfth.
With the school play or musical, comes the traditions. There are some that have come and gone, but there are a few that students plan to uphold. “I like all of the traditions, but my favorite one is when we gather in a circle before a show and we pray together. People aren’t forced to join the circle but it’s a way for the cast to join together to prepare for a show,” Jolie Scott ’18 said.
Some traditions for the cast include a cast party on Saturday night, the seniors purchasing the directors gifts, the passing of the candle, and the prayer circle.
Every year after the production, there is the passing of the candle to a junior who has been involved with the play all three years and who has worked hard and shown that they have what it takes.


Grant Snyder ’18 flips a card after Nichole Harris ’19 folds while playing poker at the cast party for the musical. Photo By: Joy Ondrak.