Always a good time at the cast party

Another tradition after the school production is the cast party. This year there was only one on Saturday night, usually there is one on Friday night but since there was no show, there was no party. Some students were upset about there only being one, but Saturday’s was one to remember.

Cast members show up whenever and leave whenever, based on their curfew. Baked potatoes, rice krispies, brownies, and a lot of pop. Cards Against Humanity, Texas Hold ’em Poker, Speak out, card games, Catch Phrase, and a lot of other laugh provoking games are always played. The party was held at the Shumard’s house, Claire Shumard ’20 and Marah Shumard ’18 were both members of the production.

“I love having the party at our house, it is always so much fun,” Claire Shumard ’20 said. “I usually play Cards Against Humanity then Catch Phrase, all the games are super fun.” 3


Marah Shumard ’18 breaks into laughter in a group game at the cast party. Photo by: J. Ondrak