Students participate in mock wedding


Shavara Kroeker ’18 laughs at her mock husband Trent Grizzle ’18 at the ceremony. Photo by: Nichole Harris

On November 2, students from FCS teacher Tammi Mans’ family living participated in a mock wedding. Each student in the class got to choose a partner to get married to and then wedding took place at the Grace Lutheran church at noon during their 5/6 class.

“I think it’s a good experience for the students in the class to see what planning a wedding entails,” Mans said. “They had to plan the ceremony, life after ceremony, and future jobs.”


The students line up at the altar to listen to the vows being read by English teacher Jed Martin. Photo By: Delainey Stewart

The girls all walked down the aisle one by one and met their partners at the end. They all lined up for the ceremony and it was officiated by english teacher Jed Martin. When they came back, there was a reception in the FCS room with cake and drinks.

“We had a mock reception and one couple got to cut the cake and do that tradition as well,” Mans said.

After adjusting to married life, the students will be given dolls to simulate what having a baby would be like.