Students compete to have the best costume on Halloween

On Halloween some of the students dressed up for the Spanish Club costume contest. “How I judged the best costume was by how much effort they put into their outfits,” Jaelle Johnson ’20 said. There was a good amount of kids that dressed up and participated even if it was going all out or just doing something simple. The winners of the contest are Bridget McCown ’18 got first, in second place was Gavin Schramm ’22 and third place was a group of three Ashlee Griffee ’18, Rosalyn Bray ’18 and Raelyn Morava ’18. Spanish Club encourages everyone next year to dress up next year.


The winner of this years costumes contest was Bridget McCown ’18. It took her 30 minutes to do her makeup.                             Photo by: C.Nimmich.