Spanish class works with reflexive verbs


Spanish teacher Mary Ann Johnson helps to answer a question for a group of students. Photo by: P. Livingston

On October 24, Mrs. Johnson’s Spanish 2 class participated in a new activity called mind mapping. This group was the first ever that got the chance to test out the new project, intending to help them grasp a hard concept of reflexive verbs in Spanish.

“I’ve seen the idea of mind mapping. The mind map allows them to see things as a timeline and use a visual cue as a starting point,” Spanish teacher Mary Ann Johnson said.

Along with helping them attain a better understanding of these verbs, it incorporates a fun way of learning.


Sara Huss ’20 discusses the verb to use with one of her group partners. Photo by: P. Livingston

“It helped review the vocabulary and how to make daily routine sentences. It was a fun activity that I think helped us all learn that concept better,” Kennedy DeBoer ‘20 said.
Due to its positive outcome, this method will be continued to use in the years to come.

“It is also a way for classmates to work together to use the grammar concept correctly and in a new and authentic manner. This way it can relate to them too,” Johnson said.