With the end of first quarter comes the second

By: Tayler Shellhase.

The first quarter has officially ended and we’re onto the second. Seniors come back to school from the summer with the rush of this year being their last in High School, but it can still get stressful. “It was stressful. Towards the beginning it was good but the feeling of senior year wore off and I got sick of it,” Jordan Ruhnke ’18 said.
Since our school offers some college courses, those classes can be even more stressful.  “I’m taking all college classes so I’m hoping that the rest of the year will go better after the classes change,” Ruhnke said.
Some people think that even though the beginning of the year can be stressful, it can get harder as the year continues. All you have to do is keep working hard and remember that it’s a great day to be a Jeff.