Students send off football boys for first playoff game

Thursday afternoon the cheerleaders held a pep rally for the football boys playing their first playoff game on Friday night. The school gathered in the gym with the pep rally starting out with the cheerleaders doing a few cheers. Then some football players were chosen to play a game. The boys were put on two teams and had to carry a balloon between them and a partner to half court and pop it between their backs.

The pep rally continued with head coach Lenhart talking, thanking everyone and spotlighting the seniors. Then the team captains, Cayman DeBoer, Adam Wasserman, Jacob Johnson, Trent Grizzle, Zach Holes, thanked who they wanted. The pep rally ended with the seniors attempting to cheer with the cheerleading in Colors.


The five senior football captains Zach Holes, Trent Grizzle, Adam Wasserman, Jacob Johnson and Cayman DeBoer are recognized for their leadership in the season. Johnson and Wasserman will be carrying the oars for the game against Pierce. Photo by: E. Burkley