Purple/Camouflage decided on as first playoff game theme

Friday’s game against Pierce will be a purple out to support victims of domestic violence. This was originally planned for last week against Milford, but it was rescheduled.

“Not knowing we had a white out scheduled, I made a decision (to have a purple out) and when I found out there was a white out scheduled, I backed off,” Athletic Director Derek Anderson said. “I wanted to let the students do what they originally planned.”

The first playoff game was luckily at home, so the purple out could be rescheduled for October 27th.

“Since this is the last Friday in Domestic Violence Awareness month, we were hoping to work it out with the Hope Crisis Center so it (the purple out) was still in Domestic Violence Awareness month,” Anderson said.

However, the students had already been planning a camouflage theme for the first playoff game.

“We had theme nights pretty much set out for the whole year at the beginning, so the camo night ended up falling on the first playoff game which was planned probably a month ago,” Rielee Achtemeier ’19 said. “Last week we had miscommunication issues between the student body and administration because the public wanted to do a purple out. However, we had already planned on the white out so administration agreed to let us have our white out and then let the public do a purple out for domestic violence awareness.”

With some frustration and compromise, the students and cheerleaders worked out a plan to make both the Camo and Purple out themes be successful.

“After the students found out it was going to be purple, there was some hostility because of our previous plans (camo night). However, the cheerleaders proposed that we do camo in support of what the students want to do and purple in support of domestic violence awareness so it all worked out as good as it could’ve,” Achtemeier said.

Come out and support the Jeffs on Friday, October 27 wearing both camouflage and purple!