Technology is powerful; use it wisely

We live in a world where technology dictates almost every aspect of daily life. It makes communication easier and more accessible than ever before. It can be easy to forget just how easy it is to communicate anything with anyone at anytime, a problem that has recently painfully obvious at Fairbury High School.   

After a recent turn of events, sexting has become a very prominent issue in our small community. Sexting is just one of the serious offenses that are possible through technology, others including cyber bullying and misuse of social media.

If it hasn’t become apparent already, abusing the power of technology by posting inappropriate pictures and profane or harmful language will come back to bite you. Legal issues can arise in some cases, and it can be difficult to get a job or into a college if an employer or admissions officer finds some digital dirt.

Not only that, but social media posts are a reflection of the user’s morals and values. No one wants their grandma to see their Sinsta account. No one wants their nudes on the family Christmas card. No one wants their mom to wash their mouth with soap because of the profane language they used on Facebook. Don’t post it if you aren’t okay with the repercussions.

To sum it up, nothing really good can come out of using technology in a way it wasn’t intended for. Choosing to abuse technology in a way that can bring harm warrants whatever consequences that result. While technology makes life so much easier and gives the power to do almost anything with it, we hope everyone makes the conscious decision to use in an appropriate and logical way.