Only men can be great leaders

By: Destini Warnke.

Booster Bash has been a Jeff tradition for many years. Every fall, the booster club hosts a potluck where athletes and their families have a sit down, socialize, and eat what the club has provided for them. Following that, a speaker presents their speech that they have prepared for us.

The speeches are great. They leave people speechless and motivated to take on the coming school year head on, but they almost always pertain to the same principle.

After four years of attending Booster Bash I’ve noticed one element that sticks out to me: Each year I’ve attended it has been a male speaker talking about how football or wrestling has shaped the boy he used to be into the man he is today.

This just raises one question of mine: where are the women at? Many women from Nebraska have achieved great accomplishments in their lives.

Jordan Larson was born in Fremont, Nebraska in 1986. Larson helped the Huskers win the Division I national title in volleyball in 2006. After her collegiate career was over she made way for the Olympic Games in 2012. She started all eight matches earning the silver medal at age 26. She then attended the next Olympic Games in 2016 earning the bronze medal.

Allison Weston was from Papillion, Nebraska. Weston attended UNL as well. She led Husker volleyball to a national championship title in 1995. She then made the Team USA for the 2000 Olympic Games. She was the first female inducted into the Omaha Sports Hall of Fame. In her collegiate career, Weston accumulated 1,778 kills, 119 aces, and 506 blocks.

Last, but certainly not least, head softball coach Rhonda Revelle is entering her 16th season for the Huskers. Revelle was inducted into the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame in 2010. Along with that, she was also inducted into the softball hall of fame in 1997.

 Revelle was also named the Husker coach with the most wins in Nebraska history. She has coached her way to seven conference titles, four NCAA Regional championships, and sent The Huskers to the  Women’s College World Series three times.

For years, despite the accomplishments of spectacular female athletes and coaches society has yet to showcase these phenomenal women.

FHS should host these female athletes.  Instead, of the yearly male athlete or coach talking for an hour about how the sport of football and/or wrestling shaped them into the man they are today.

 The tradition has stood for years. Why do we turn our heads at the great accomplishments of these fine women? But then again, girls aren’t allowed.