Just be a teenager

By: Evie Schwab.

Right now, we’re as young now as we’ll ever be again.

This is high school. Teenagers are going to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and with who they want and no one is going to be able to stop them and there’s really no point in trying to.

I think it’s important that students are allowed to live their lives in high school. They should make lots of mistakes so they can learn from them (or not learn from them, I’m not judging). They should have certain experiences so they know what to expect for the rest of their lives, like heartbreaks and bad grades and disappointment and failure and so on and so forth.

I also think that students should be able to make mistakes and not be judged for them. Yes, mistakes are going to happen but they shouldn’t define a person. If someone makes a mistake and gets in trouble, know that what they did isn’t who they are as a human being, but that it’s just something they did and get over it.

Students should be able to have fun. While it’s important to get good grades and be a good citizen and perform well as an athlete, all of that can really pile up and put a lot of pressure on a teenager. They shouldn’t have to focus on being a perfect student all of the time but should be able to let loose and relax without being reprimanded and chastised by authority figures (like parents, teachers, coaches, administration) to work only on what they want us to do.

In conclusion, remember this is high school. Work hard, be a good person, get good grades, win games, but also have fun. Make mistakes, get heartbroken, fail a test (but then maybe retake it for a better grade), and disappoint people once in awhile. High school might not be the best four years of life, like some people say, but it is the best time to focus on being a kid because after high school, it’s time to be an adult. Right now, just be young.