Bonham Birthday Bash marks beginning of new era

By: Evie Schwab.

After many long years, the Bonham Theater is once again opening its doors.


The Bonham celebrated the anniversary of the first movie showing at the theater in 1926. The first movie she showed was “It Must Be Love” starring Colleen Moore. Photo by E. Schwab

The Bonham Theater Project hosted a Birthday Bash open to the public, commemorating the first day a movie was shown at the Bonham in 1926, as well as the Bonham’s reopening.


Community members were welcome to join the celebration from 4:00 to 8:30 and enjoy free cake, popcorn, candy bars, and pop, socialize, enter drawings, and enjoy upcoming movie previews and short films in the new and improved theater.

People from all parts of the community attended the exciting event. Bonham Theater Project president Brooke Schwab said over 230 people attended the first showing at 4:30 alone. Over 700 people attended total.


Over 700 community members attended the Bonham Birthday party to partake of the free food and screening. Photo by E. Schwab

“I was overwhelmed and excited. We hoped for a good turn out and it was more than we expected and I was really excited about the turnout from the community,” Schwab said.

Residents of Jefferson county have long awaited the reopening of the Bonham theater and are anxious to have a theater closer to home. The Project plans to show movies regularly on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays beginning next weekend.

“I just hope that people come out and hope that we can, as a board, figure out how to run a theatre and that people will come out and watch movies,” Schwab said.


Members of the FHS softball team enjoy their refreshments during the trailers and short films, including part of a “Mutt and Jeff” cartoon. Photo by E. Schwab