Who are the people in your neighborhood?

By: Evie Schwab.

The weekly StuCo show introduced a new and recurring segment this month labeled “Who are the people in your neighborhood?” Once a month, anchors Destini Warnke ’18 and Jacob Johnson ’18 will host a community member of some significance and interview them about the ins and outs of their jobs and involvement in the community.

This week, Warnke and Johnson brought Mayor of Fairbury Homer Ward on the show. Mayor Ward is in his ninth year in office and is making plans to retire.

The anchors asked Ward question about his time in office, as well as what he did before becoming Mayor of



Mayor of Fairbury Homer Ward was a special guest on the StuCo show as part of a new segment called “Who’s are the people in your neighborhood?” Photo by E. Schwab 

Fairbury and what he plans to do after. To cap off the segment, they asked him how he would spend a $10 million lottery winning. He stated that he would divide up his winnings between paying for his grandkids’ college tuitions, spending some on himself, and giving the majority of it to the community.

The StuCo show is in action every Wednesday morning during the first part of block 1/2, and the new segment will return next month.