NHS votes on new officers for this school year

By: Caitlin Nimmich.

National Honors Society had a meeting the morning of the 21st to elect new officers for the 2017-2018 school year. Emily Burkley ’18 is President this year due to being elected Vice President during the 2016-2017 NHS term. This year, Jayson Klaumann ’19 will be taking on the role of Vice President. The Point Chart Recorder was elected as Macy Ohlde ’18. The last two spots to be filled include Secretary and Reporter. The group elected Jolie Scott ’18 as their Secretary and Britney Scheetz ’18 as the Reporter.


Left to Right: Secretary Jolie Scott, Point Chart Recorder Macy Ohlde, President Emily Burkley, Vice President Jayson Klaumann, and Reporter Britney Scheetz. Photo by: N. Harris.