Students stressing during homecoming week

By: Hannah Knigge.  

FHS students have found that homecoming week is very busy for many people, and sometimes even the most busy week throughout the whole year. For many students the day of homecoming includes going from sports practices to school to the parade to the game and then finally making it to the dance. “When it came to time for the dance I was so done with the day that I just wanted to go home and go to bed.” RJ Suey ‘19 said. For some, the week is more stressful than exciting. Homecoming is a week full of fun but it also comes with some stress for many.


Cheerleaders getting ready to walk in the parade. Photo by: Kenna Troxel

There are many activities during the week, including a kick off on Sunday, spirit dress up days, pep rallies, sports games and many more exciting things to attend and be a part of. During the week student athletes are often up past midnight to work on homework and various other things to prepare for Friday. Student athletes who have morning practice on Friday have a long day in store. “I stay up till after midnight pretty much every night during the week working on homework,” Janessa Swanda ‘19 said, “This week is probably the most stressful week throughout the year for me, I am always very busy and stressed.”  All in all the week is stressful for many but can also be a very fun week. The overall vibe from homecoming week is very positive to many and is just a fun time to show your school spirit. With the football team’s success I know it will add the sprinkles on top.