FCCLA flips flapjacks for Homecoming

By: Paige Livingston.

On September 15, the FCCLA members put on their annual pancake feed in advisor Tammy Mans’ room. This fundraiser has been around for at least 12-13 years and helps the organization’s budget on the Friday of Homecoming week.


Regan Schmidt ’18 and Evie Schwab ’18 pour ingredients into a bowl to make batter. Photo by: N. Harris.

“It is a small fundraiser for us, but I feel like it’s FCCLA’s contribution to Homecoming,” Mans said.

In comparison to the past, there was a prominent change that arose, which was switching up the pancakes due to new guidelines.

“I think people were a little hesitant about the whole grain pancakes and we weren’t able to do chocolate chip pancakes like we did before,” RJ Suey ‘19 said.

Overall, this year was just as successful as the previous one before, even though they switched up the ingredients.


McKenzie Layton ’19 places sausages on a griddle to cook. Photo by: N. Harris.

“It was less stressful this year and I think it went a lot smoother than in previous years,” Suey said.

In the end, FCCLA plans to continue this tasty breakfast for students. 

“I’m really glad of how it went and look toward to the future to carry on the tradition with the Homecoming festivities,” Mans said.