Fairbury Softball Picks Up Another Tournament Win at Falls City

By: Tayler Shellhase

On September ninth the Fairbury softball team started off their Saturday morning in Falls City with a game against Cass County. The game started off with Fairbury taking the lead until the fourth inning when the game was tied at 2. In the 5th Jeffs took the lead 4-2 thanks to a home run by Cora DeBoer ’20. The game ended with a score of 5-2, Fairbury taking the win.

Second up was Falls City. After the first inning, Jeffs tied with Falls City 1-1, but quickly pulled ahead in the second, leading 5-2. In the fifth inning, Cora Deboer hit her second home run of the day, which was good for 3 runs, putting Fairbury up 14-2. Jeffs won 14-3 in five innings, making it into the championship game against Auburn.

In their final game of the day, Jeffs went 0-0 with Auburn for the first five innings. On the first pitch of the sixth, Marah Shumard ’18 hit a home run and put the Jeffs up 1-0. Macy Ohlde ’18 followed with a home run that was good for 2, making the score 3-0. The game ended with a score of 5-1, Fairbury taking the win against Auburn and tournament champions.