Wilds animals take over FHS for day two of Homecoming week

By: Nichole Harris.


Alyxzandria Kuzelka ’22 in her winning owl costume. Photo by: N. Harris

Wild animals ran rampant over Fairbury Highschool this week for the second day of spirit week for the 2017 Homecoming. “Lions, Tigers, and Bears… Oh my!” day brought many students to school dressed in their best animal costume. Students from all grades attended class in their favorite animal onesies, most artistic face paint, and with their best animal ears on.

Alyxzandria Kuzelka ’22 was crowned the winner. She came to school dressed in a very elaborate and prize-winning owl costume. Other participants were given suckers for their demonstration of school spirit. Wednesday will be the third day of spirit week, and the theme is twin day.