FHS waves goodbye to Miss Fairbury Jeff pageant after controversy

By: Nichole Harris.

Since 2008, the Miss Fairbury Jeff pageant has been a Fairbury Homecoming tradition. A handful of senior boys not involved in football would don their best dress, favorite wig, and favorite shoes for the week of homecoming, and become a carefully crafted female persona for the contest. Last year, the winner was Jerod “Judy” Hughes ’17.

Last year, however, was decidedly the last year of the pageant. After it was expressed to administration that some of the contestant’s comments and attitudes towards it were offensive and inappropriate, they made the decision to hang up the crown on the Miss Fairbury Jeff Pageant and end it.

“It’s harmless, only a joke. It’s not meant to offend anyone.” Michaela Buchli ’19 commented about the pageant being nixed. “To me, it would only be a big deal if we were trying to make the opposers believe something, and that’s certainly not our intention.”

Administration feels that it was the right move to make however, considering the climate of the world and the current events. Assistant principal Derek Anderson believes that just because the event had run its course, doesn’t mean there isn’t a substitute coming in the near future.

“Due to the changing nature of our society and the sensitivity of the transgender issue, it was decided that the Miss Fairbury Jeff pageant could not longer take place.” Anderson said.  “I realize that this was a fundraising effort and I would welcome and consider ideas for the future that would help Relay for Life in which Fairbury Public Schools could help.”