Junior High Cross Country Competes in First Meet

By: Emily Burkley


The Junior High Cross Country team kicked off their season in Superior on Thursday, August 31st. In previous years, the course at Superior had been quite a bit less than a mile, but this year they changed the course making the junior high run a little more than a mile.

Among the top finishers for the junior high were Alissa York ‘22 in 8th, and Corbin Slater ‘22 in 6th. Right behind them were Lauriana Moore ‘23 in 12th, and Alex Buxton ‘22 in 13th.

Coach Logan Kats is the head coach for the Junior High, working with them separately for workouts, and pushing them to be their best.

“For the first meet I thought they competed well, we figured out where we are and the improvements we’ve made since the scrimmage, as well as the things we need to work on,” Coach Kats said.

But after running their race, the junior high aren’t done quite yet. They stay close to the course and are great supporters for the high school runners. They pass out water bottles so the runners stay hydrated, hand out towels to keep them cool, and carry all of the coolers around so the high school doesn’t have to. The next junior high race will be a fun run/race at the high school on Thursday, September 7th.