Prairie proves to be educational

By: Mikasa Lierman


On Wednesday, August 30 Mrs. Fisher’s biology classes took the annual trip to the Spring Creek Prairie to learn about Nebraska’s natural ecosystem. A total of 42 students took the trek to the tall grass habitat where they broke into smaller groups to sample grasses and insects.       

“It was very informational,” Sara Huss ’20 said. “I learned a lot of the grasses and forbes and we learned about the aquatic life.”

The students were split up into groups and visited three different stations, each one educating them on the prairie’s natural ecosystem. They were able to sample insects as well as test the pond water to see how clean it was.

“It really helped me identify grasses better and I could see the differences between grazed, burned, or hayed grass,” Huss said.

After all the fun-filled activities the sophomores wrote postcards to themselves about what they had learned from the experience at Spring Creek. This educational day gave the students a greater understanding of the prairie.