Ongoing Construction on High School

By: Tayler Shellhase


The school year was supposed to come to a start with a better entrance, a larger office, and a new gym floor. This was not the case. Estimated finish dates for the projects were set for August 1st, plenty of time before school started. The gym was open for students to step foot on in mid-July, with the office and entrance following soon.

Other improvements done this summer include new showers in the locker rooms, partitions added and new shower heads installed. New bathrooms in the commons area, and lots of painting. “No more ugly grey doors. Mr.Kroon and I also put up the Jeff Pride signs above the doorways,” Anderson stated.

The entrance and office finish date got pushed back when the steel ordered for the projects arrived late. Since getting the steel the office and entrance should be finished soon. Mr. Anderson, when asked about the current predicted finish date, said, “There’s no estimated time for when they’re going to be done, say next week we should be in the office. Disorganized, but in the office.”