Football scrimmage breaks tradition

Every year, the Fairbury football team plays a scrimmage against each other to start off the season. Normally the team is split up into two teams; one team wears home jerseys and the other wears away jerseys. They normally play a game against each other, but this year was different.

“It was ten plays offense, ten plays defense, and then second and third string did the same thing, then repeat,” Zach Holes ’18 said. “We didn’t do a real scrimmage this year because too many people get hurt.”

Since the scrimmage this year was different than it was in the past, some students wish that it was a real one. “As a cheerleader, cheering at it (the scrimmage) was really awkward and it would’ve been more comfortable if it was more like a game,” Rielee Achtemeier ’19 said. “The point of cheering at it was for the new girls to get a feel for the game, but it wasn’t anything like a real game.”

This years scrimmage was held at the Fairbury athletic complex on Friday, August 18th and the first game of the season for the Jeffs will be at David City on Friday, August 25th.