Senior Prank Gone Wrong

Senior pranks are a time-honored tradition here at FHS. The night or nights before the first day of school, past senior classes have pulled off many different pranks such as taping a senior to the pillar outside to greet students coming in, filling the commons with balloons, and parking a trailer in the parking lot. Senior pranks are something that every class looks forward to.

This year, however, the 2018 senior class was asked to tear down parts of their prank the same night they put it up.

It’s required for the seniors to get their prank approved by administration beforehand, and even though the prank some seniors had in mind was not approved, they went along with it anyways.


The Senior Prank, before it was torn down. Photo by D. Warnke

Vaseline on almost any touchable surface and on the floors, icy hot covering the toilets, and a toilet paper disaster in the commons were all factors in the students getting called back the night before school started to take down parts of their prank.


Even though the tradition was broken and the student body was left with a minimalistic senior prank, parts of their plan managed to avoid being cleaned up. The Vaseline left on the handles of lockers, the beach, business cards, jello, and hidden alarm clocks were the only remaining element of the Class of 2018’s senior prank.