‘The Trail’ wins Cornhusker Award

Owners of the 89th edition of the yearbook, “We Are…” should know that they’re holding, not only memorable book, but also a book that won the Nebraska High School Press Association’s Cornhusker Award. A staff of 14 bold students and one adviser, pulled together a series of memories and bonded them all together to create this award winning yearbook.

“It’s the equivalent to winning a state championship,’ adviser Jed Martin said.

Congratulations to the former eight staff members of last year and congratulations to the remaining four staff members this year!

The staff members include:

  • Halle Knigge ’16 Editor in Chief of The Trail
  • Mary Lawrence ’17 Assistant Editor in Chief of The Trail
  • Josey Zabokrtsky ’16 Photo Editor
  • Michaela Bartels ’16 Business Manager
  • Brooke Eisenhauer ’16 Senior Page Editor
  • Paige Patton ’16 Senior Page Editor
  • Anna Schouboe ’16 Senior Page Editor
  • Stephen Engelman ’16 Xray Editor
  • Paul Lawrence ’16 Editor in Chief of The Blazer
  • Shaye Stall ’17 Assistant Editor of The Blazer
  • Kelsea Swartz ’17 Assistant Business Manager
  • Patrick Ondrak ’17 Sports Editor
  • Tanner Novotny ’17 Assistant Sports Editor
  • Ludwig Von Thurn ’18 Page Editor