Relationships on and off duty

Police have been talked about on the news for many years. People have started to talk more about the police that have done horrible things rather than talk about those who have done their job to the best of their ability.  According to, people pay more attention to the behavior of the police. If the policemen treats them well, then they will respect the police officer. If the police officer responds in a fair and justly way towards the offenders, the offender usually has a positive attitude towards the officer.

“I’m not nervous when I see policemen because I do the right thing, ” Devon Holliday ‘19 said.

The media looks more into the policemen who give a negative view of the police which makes the public focus more on the policemen that have caused more harm than good. They focus on what makes a good story and they don’t worry about preserving the perspective that the public has on the police.

“I would say I have more of a positive perspective on the police. They’re just enforcing the law like they’re supposed to,” Tevin Likens ‘16 said.

According to, a survey was given to the state of Montana. 83 percent of the people in Montana supported the police while 10 percent did not support them. The police see more of the 10 percent than those from the 83. According to a study done by the Montana Highway Patrol, police officers across the nation feel as though the public does not trust them. Some policemen think this way because of how stories are covered on television.

“I think over the generations the amount of respect given towards the police has changed. I think the police have a reputation based on the community that they are in,” Social studies teacher, Aaron Liebel said, “It also depends on if the police force is effective and shows that it cares.”