Chromebook preparations begin

Chromebooks are no longer the future of FHS; they are the now.

Next semester everyone will have a chromebook. The chromebooks are meant to gain easier access to Canvas, a website used to create online assignments and quizzes and they make life easier to both the teachers and the students by giving them easy access to their email and assignments that may be online. The teachers will not have to schedule chrome carts for their classrooms because the students will each have their own chromebook.

The last two days of the semester are to help the students get ready and to adapt to the use of the chromebooks. The chromebooks have many uses that will help the students with their education but they also can be used irresponsibly. “I don’t think computers will help our education. I think that more kids having computer will goof off rather than work,” Sydney Bray ‘16 said.

The chromebooks will not be taking over the use of textbooks but they will be useful to the students. With the chromebooks, students can check their email and do homework if a class requires it.

“The chromebooks will help with the student’s education by keeping them more organized because that way the material for the classes is contained on one device,” science teacher Keaton Sturm said.

Teachers can watch where the students go and can stop the students if it isn’t good by using a new service called “GoGuardian.”imgres-1 copy copy

“We’ve been working on getting this set up for several years now. We’re going to have a mini tech conference where we will be learning about google applications, digital citizenship, and there will be a lawyer presentation so the students will know the legal aspects of how to use a chcartromebook,” Tech coordinator Karen Dux said.

According to Dux, parents will also be required to attend sessions about correct use before students are allowed to take the Chromebooks home.

“There are two parent sessions. They have to go through a policy handbook and the lawyer presentation. They also have to pay 30 dollars every year to pay for damages to the chromebooks,” said Dux.

Chromebooks will have an impact on the school. Whether it is a good impact or a bad one is up to the students.