Social media provides school with recognition

Fairbury High School uses Twitter and Facebook to inform the students and parents about activities that take place in the school. Both Facebook and Twitter are used to provide important information about school activities, athletics, and events. It covers the different convos that occur in the school and the various games that the Fairbury High School plays.  

“Twitter and Facebook are two types of social media that we use. I think that social media informs people so quickly. I have my own twitter account just for teachers so they can get ideas for uses in technology,” technology coordinator Karen Dux said.

Twitter and Facebook are used by many people. The school is trying to reach out to the students by using the social media that inhabits their lives. Mrs. Dux has put a great deal of effort into building the different sites for the students and also for the teachers.

“Facebook has been the most popular site for teachers and parents but Twitter has started to become more popular,” Mrs. Dux said.

The Fairbury website is important to show the parents how well their students are doing in school. It also shows the different sports and the different activities and the results from the different activities and sports. It is important to have social media to spread good or bad news and promote upcoming events.Social Media Infographic copy